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I bought your shampoo bar from the good trade! It really is foamy and my scalp felt really good after just first wash! I think my dandruff is also gone!! So good!! Please let me know when they’re back!

Bella Cruz

I’m loving the Face & Body Oil. My skin is extremely oily and it doesn’t absorb facial oils very well. I’ve tried a lot of different brands but I always end up looking greasy. Others make me breakout too. :( But this one’s different! My skin really loves this. <3

Vilee Lopez

I am rarely impressed with new skin care products nowadays since my routine is as simple as sunscreen for day and aloe vera gel for night. But this – this golden concoction called Aloe There, Smooth Skin was an impulse buy but oh-so-worth it.

Kira Ramirez (@kirasworld)

OMG, calling out to moms out there. Bring this Bronzing Oil to the beach along with your bikinis! I am so happy with this! The challenge with my mama tummy is it dries up & wrinkle when I get too much sun. And this helps moisten & make my  tummy look young & vibrant! It matters!

Mayumi Penntoft (@themusthavevitamins)

Yesterday, we both bought a jar of your Aloe There, Soothing Emulsion! Mom tried it before bedtime and loved it! Her skin has never felt better and even said it as good as her fave (and only nightly skin product)! So excited to try it now too!

Andee Plana (@andeeplana)

I'm a sucker for all natural goodies! Hope you make more products!

Danika Nemis (@danikanemis)

Super love it ❤️

Kim Cruz (@kimcrooz)

Thanks for keeping me glowingggg

-Lucky (discovermnl)

Got it already!!! Super bango! Tried the oil and aloe already. Not sticky! Grabe excited na ako to try the shampoo bar too 🤗

Angeli Gallarin (@gabriellangeli)


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