Reselling OIAM Products

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OIAM Natural Essentials has been a one-woman show since the beginning and while the journey has been a rollercoaster, it also has been quite EMPOWERING. Needless to say, I would to pass this on and empower more people through OIAM products - not just your mindful lifestyle but hopefully empower you in your entrepreneurial endeavours as well.

Here's a super easy straight forward way to earn by reselling OIAM products. It's like shopping BUT earning at the same time!

Why you'll love being part of #OIAMTribe?

  • Low Capital - No big cash outs here!

  • Work from Home - Earn from wherever you are

  • High Return - I encourage you use our SRP but I also understand that there are logistics and other expenses you might have to consider so adding a bit more margin to cover your bases is totally okay.

  • Keep the passion going - Earn from products you believe in and actually use (and that actually work 😉) 



Eco Warrior - Carefree Warrior - Php 2500 - Php 4999 worth of products at 20% OFF ; non-exclusive to an area*

Eco Chief - City Chief - minimum of Php 5000 worth of products at 25% OFF ; exclusive to a city*

Eco King/Queen - Ruler of your own area - minimum of Php 15000 worth of products at 30% OFF ; exclusive to a province*

*Exclusivity means we won't be accepting any more resellers from your city or province as long as you are active. NCR not included. Failure to reorder 3 months from your first order will automatically open the opportunity for others to take over your area. 



1. Select your Tribe Option 
All you have to do is select the option you are able to commit to just like shopping for our products here in the website. After sending the option, we will review and you will then receive an email with your very own exclusive one-time discount code based on the TRIBE OPTION you chose.

2. Shop with your very own Discount Code
Once you have your code, you may then go ahead and use it to shop from the website within 5 days from receiving the code. We are trying to be open to all interested resellers and we don't want to have a waiting list. Thus, the time limit. 

3. Settle your Stock Order
Once you're done ordering, you may simply settle it via PayPal or bank deposit/transfer.

Note that Free Delivery option does not apply to our resellers. Simply choose BULK ORDER in the shipping option. We will refund the excess shipping fee should the Php 500 standard rate is more than the actual. Alternatively, will also then let you know should the actual shipping fee exceeds our standard rate.

4. Wait for your Stock Order to arrive
Once everything is settled, just wait for your order. You will receive an email once your Stock Order is on the way.

5. Start selling!
We recommend doing a teaser prior to receiving your order so you create excitement and awareness to your audience. Feel free to use any of our images in the website and socials to promote the brand within your shop.

Enjoy selling and spread clean products that really work! 🌱🙌🏼