Astraea White Jade Face Roller

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Named after the Goddess of Purity, our Astraea White Jade Face Roller is a staple for many centuries. White Jade Facial Roller is an amazing beauty tool to detoxify and purify energy and has been a beauty ritual since ancient times in China. 

Why you’ll love it:
⚪️White Jade promotes healing
⚪️Increases the energy of love 
⚪️Promotes harmonious relationships
⚪️Purifies energy
⚪️Increases elasticity of the skin
⚪️Reduces the appearance of pores
⚪️Boosts overall collagen levels

⚪️Promotes lymphatic drainage
⚪️Eliminates toxins
⚪️Reduces puffiness & wrinkles
⚪️Ease facial muscle tension
⚪️Helps better product absorption


100% pure white jade, brassy gold hardware

Due to the natural stone, color may vary. 

Texture: smooth stone

Comes in 0 plastic packaging



For best results, apply our facial oil and/or our moisturizer before using this facial roller so it can glide across the skin with ease while helping the oil/serum absorb better. Start from the chin, use firm yet gentle pressure to roll from the center of the face moving out towards the hairline in even strokes. Repeat the same number of strokes, ideally 3x per area, on both sides of the face to ensure an even and balanced de-puffing effect. Use the smaller roller to depuff the eyes using gentle strokes.